I’ve given several reading & promotional events the past couple of weeks—and it’s been so rewarding to talk to people about reading and writing.

At reading events in Lancaster and Bath last week the audiences were lively and engaged:

“How do you develop ideas for a novel versus for a short story?”

“Why did you decide to call the book Saturday Night?”

“What are your thoughts regarding self-publishing versus traditional publishing?”

“Did you ever find out anything else about that woman you heard? Was her name really Mona?”

“I got so lost in the story I forgot where I was for a minute.”

There was the gentleman working on a political history, the lady with a children’s book nearly complete, the lady who’s written a preface (that’s it so far) for a historical novel set in Ireland.

The conversations have been friendly, interesting and highly enjoyable.  And sometimes a little surreal:

Tim Boudreau—you’re a singer too, right?”


“But I saw it in the paper! You had a concert last week.”

“I have a book out–I gave a reading…?”

“That’s it! I knew you did SOMETHING.”