It’s very rewarding to know that people are reading your work–even more rewarding when they take the time to provide feedback.

After saying that she enjoyed my story “Her Favorite Colors,” a friend said that my work often made her think about falling to “the characters’ level.”  I replied that in some cases I supposed my characters’ lives are tragedies–but certainly not always.  This led to a discussion of how to judge the lives of others, among other things.

Another friend, discussing the same story, had some very insightful observations regarding the character’s self-esteem–how it seemed that she never thought she was good enough in any situation.

There wasn’t a huge turnout for a recent event at the Lincoln Public Library (the weather didn’t help)–but we turned the reading into a discussion circle, beginning with an impromptu chat about favorite genres & local lore.  (There was an interesting debate regarding fiction and non-fiction, and one lady described a local history she is working on.)  I read “Errand Day” from my book, and it was a joy to hear laughter during the light moments, and to see folks leaning forward in their chairs when the twists came.  “You totally got me with that ending!” one audience member commented.  Another said, “It’s so relaxing to sit back and have someone read to you. It made me feel like a kid again listening to my father’s voice!”

So a big thank you to all those out there who support your local authors–not only by purchasing and reading their work, but by taking time to let them know what you think.

We truly appreciate it!